Health frontliners face discrimination from barangay officials; evicted from hotel

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Image Credits: Philippine Information Agency
  • Health frontliners in Bicol experience discrimination from barangay officials.
  • Officials issued an ultimatum to health workers to leave the hotel.
  • One of the victims of discrimination posted a comment on Facebook.

Health frontliners in Legazpi City, Albay in Bicol Region are upset after they have been discriminated against by barangay officials who should have implemented an anti-discrimination ordinance for health workers in the midst of the pandemic.

Image Credits: BRTTH Professional Education and Training

Recently, a frontliner from a group of health workers from the Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital (BRTTH) expressed outrage on social media for what they suffered from barangay officials.

According to Irvin Sandia, an Emergency Room nurse of the BRTTH, rushed to the hotel where they were staying with barangay officials and gave them an ultimatum to leave the hotel.

“Nasan ang hustisya…anti-discrimination ordinance… nasan ba ‘yun? Alam ba n’yo kung ano ang ginawa n’yo sa amin? Alam n’yo ba kung gaano kahirap sa part namin ang pagserbisyo sa mga pasyente, na mawalay sa pamilya at grabe ang sakripisyo namin para lang mapaglingkuran kayo?” Sandia began on her post regarding barangay officials who evicted them from the hotel.

Moreover, Irvin said they did not feel the praise for the frontliners like them. He also clarified that all of them in the group were negative on COVID-19.

Image Credits: Irvin Sandia

“Nagsasabi pa kayo na salute to the frontliners….nasan ‘yun? Hindi namin nararamdaman ‘yun tapos ganito gagawin n’yo sa amin. Kayo kaya ang nasa lugar namin? Pagod na po kami sa trabaho tapos bibigyan n’yo kami ng ultimatum para umalis agad agad. Alam n’yo ba kung gaano ka-stressful ito sa part namin? First and foremost lahat po kami ay negative ang result namin,” anang nurse.

Image Credits: Irvin Sandia

Furthermore, he is upset that they receive discrimination despite serving faithfully.

Image Credits: Irvin Sandia

In addition, Sandia says that he hopes the people who discriminated them will not get sick because they will still be the ones to take care of them just in case.

Image Credits: Irvin Sandia


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