Her Wedding just got called off because of her boyfriend’s female ML co-player.

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Every girl has dreams about her wedding life. To be with the guy she loves the most, live a happy and peaceful life, starts a family, and have kids. But a girl named Rish Santa Ana Mateo’s wedding dream shuttered because she discovered her boyfriend for 6 years cheated on her to a woman whom he met via an online game. blankAccording to her, she and her boyfriend are both working in Saudi Arabia. She admitted that there’s no perfect relationship, there’s some shortcoming, they do fight but still ended up together. She thought this made their relationship stronger and eventually be married here in the Philippines. She even made her own design for her wedding gown and had a list of the bridesmaids. blank blank As the story goes Rish asked her boyfriend “May bago na ba?” At first, he denied it but later on Rish discovered his other woman. She tried to forget her boyfriend’s password then opened her email that linked to her boyfriend’s account and re-open it. To her surprise, she then discovered some conversation that at first she thought it’s his EX and later on realize it is a new girl, whom he just met 2 weeks ago on an online game and working in Kuwait. Rish also claimed that the girl gamer already has a family. What can you say about this article? Share your thoughts or insights in the comment section below.
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