Homeless-Looking Man Buys Cellphone Using Cash On Hand

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A beggar from Thailand proved that looks can be deceiving.

This is after he buys an expensive phone in cold cash, despite being called out by security guards.

On Facebook, a Thai netizen named Pimpim Cooper shared photos of a homeless man, wearing ragged clothes and is carrying a dirty sack.


In the photos, you can see the man checking out some phones in a stall. Aside from his dirty clothes, you can also see that he is not wearing any shoes or slippers.

He really looked like a beggar, so we cannot really blame the guards for being cautious.


Furthermore, after he is done choosing a smartphone, he told the store assistant what he wanted without asking for its price.

The store assistant told him the price and he handed his cash. He did not even ask for a discount.

When the guards saw him, they confronted him thinking he was making a scene inside the mall. That is when the store assistant defended the man and told the guards that he is in fact, a customer.


Despite his appearance, he seems to be an educated man with the way he speaks.

Moreover, netizens are now wondering where he got the money and why his first priority is to buy a mobile phone.


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