House Maid Graduates Cum Laude, Grateful For Employer Who Helped Her

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Education has no age limit. It will never be too late to finish your studies.

However, Education has become a privilege to some. Even though there are universities that offer scholarships, some people just do not have time to go back to school.

But if there is a will, there is a way, right?


Alfonsa Tilasa works as a house maid. Being born to a poor family, she had to sacrifice her education to earn money.

Although being a house helper is a tough job, Alfonsa still dreams of finishing her studies. And this determination is seen by her employer, Marivic Gumban Flores.

Marivic admires Alfonsa’s passion to study, that is why she decided to help her out.


With the arrangement that Alfonsa works at day and school by night, she was able to graduate in college.

The very kind and generous employer even took care of her tuition fees. Not only that, she still pays her monthly salary.

Being a working student is hard. Juggling work and school is never easy. But, Marivic understands since Alfonsa does well in both work and school.


In April 2019, Alfonsa graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Computer Science at ASCI College Iloilo. In addition to this, she also won the “Best Thesis Award”.

Marivic is so proud of Alfonsa that she shared her achievements on social media, hoping it will inspire others to finish their studies.


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