Humble Vendor Finds Wallet Full Of Cash, Hands It Over To The Authorities Instead

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These days, everyone is just trying to survive the pandemic. Everyone needs food, medicine and other basic necessities. But, how are we able to afford all of it if we do not have enough money?

A lot of people also lost their jobs due to the enhanced community quarantine. The government mandated everyone to stay at home to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 virus.

With all these bad news, its nice to see good news every now and then.

Just like in this scenario where a vendor returns the wallet he found to the owner.


Barangay Captain of Longos, Malabon and actress Angelika dela Cruz posted photos of the incident on her Facebook account.

On the said post, dela Cruz shared that a vendor named Jojo Tiamzon found a wallet with Php 10,000 cash in it.


Tatay Jojo showed his good heart and how trustworthy he is for returning the wallet.

Even though he is one of the most affected by the enhanced community quarantine, instead of taking the cash he found, he decided to give it back.

According to dela Cruz, Tatay Jojo is a street vendor who roams around the streets to sell snacks, so that he can provide for his family.


In addition to this, the authorities were able to contact the owner by the I.D’s found on the wallet. A man named Jose Pacho got his wallet back, cash and all.

Dela Cruz cannot help but praise Tatay Jojo for his good deed. “Saludo po ako sa inyo. Sana po marami pa pong tao ang katulad niyo.” (I salute you. I hope there are more people like you)

Furthermore, netizens also praised Tatay Jojo and hope that he will be given a reward for his good deed.


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