Ice Cream Vendor Experience Life-Changing Encounter with This Kind Woman

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  • He is a long-time ice-cream vendor who sells his goods in front of 168 Mall.
  • The ice-cream vendor meets this kind and beautiful woman.
  • She really has a good heart and helped him change his life.

A lot of us are aware that the world we’re living in today is really filled with selfish people who don’t care about other people. Nowadays, it is rare to find someone whom you can run to during the worst days in your life.

On the other hand, we have this story that will surely restore your faith in humanity. This story may also leave you in tears!


A netizen named Joanna Marie Armas Adviento has previously posted a couple of photos on her social media account. It comes along with the lengthy caption that talks about the story behind the viral photos.


According to the viral Facebook post, she went to Divisoria with her boyfriend to buy something. Afterwards, they noticed an old man in front of the 168 malls. When she saw the old man, she immediately noticed that the old man was in pain. She even stated that she couldn’t help but stare because she feels that there’s something wrong.


Adviento then finds out that the old man who’s known by the name Mario Ricardo Jr. is already 77 years old and he’s been selling ice cream for 44 years now. She also found out from the vendors that the man had to drink his medicine but he can’t since he hasn’t eaten something yet.

Adviento then realizes that she had to do something to help the old man.

“Tay. Ok lang ba kahit tinapay at kape lang?” She asked.


Mang Mario then told her that it’s okay since all he needs is to have something to eat before he takes his medicine.

She had a good conversation with Mang Mario where she found out that he’s a father of three but two of his children are already gone and he’s only living with the one who was left with him.

This woman also found out that a lot of people have already asked him to live with the nuns but he refused their offer since he doesn’t want to just lay down and do nothing.

Mang Mario also told her that he already wants to stop selling ice cream and just wants to sell fishball near his home.

“Gusto ko sana magtinda na lang ako ng fishball sa tapat ng bahay namin..” Mang Mario told her

Since Adviento had already realized that Mang Mario has been experiencing a lot of struggles in life, she decided to just help him out. She told Mang Mario that she’d help him fulfil his wish to sell fishball. She also added that they’d bring everything that he’d need the moment they return.


They returned on July 18th. They bought a stove, a pan and everything that he’d need for his new business. Mang Mario repeatedly thanked them for everything that they’ve done for him.


Mang Mario then promised her that he’d never sell ice cream again and that he’d just stay with his child in Malabon.


“Pagod na ho talaga ako magtinda ng ice cream. kaya maraming salamat sa inyo.” After hearing those words from the former ice cream vendor, Adviento couldn’t help but cry.

Netizens are touched by this post and they also expressed their sympathy to the old man. They are really inspired by this netizen’s simple act of kindness. Read some of the comments below.

“Nag-bless na ako kay Tatay. Nag-paalam na kami. Sabi ko sana magkita kami ulit. Ang saya ko tignan syang kumakaway samin at nakangiti. Ang saya sa pakiramdam na kahit papano nakatulong kami. Na di na sya mag-lalakad ng sobrang layo para lang kumita na sa edad nya dapat nasa bahay na lang sya.”

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