Illiterate Mother Sends Money To Daughter So She Can Celebrate Anniversary With Boyfriend, Irks Netizens

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According to an old Filipino saying, “kayang tiisin ng anak ang kanyang magulang, subalit hindi kayang tiisin ng magulang ang kanyang anak.”

There is no English equivalent to that, but it basically means that parents will do anything for their children. No matter what.

Just like in this scenario, where a netizen shared her encounter with a mother she met at a remittance center.

The long Facebook post of a concerned netizen named Knicole Cbustos is going viral on social media.

This is after she shared her experience of helping a mother who is illiterate.


According to her, she was claiming money at a remittance center when she noticed a mother sitting on the side. The mother looked clueless on what she has to do.

The queue is getting longer, so when she is done, she approached the mother and asked if she needs help.

And there, she finds out that the mother needs to send her daughter money. However, she is having a hard time as she does not know how to write.

Furthermore, Knicole also found out that the mother is a house-helper and she needs to send PHP 2,500 to her daughter.

Sounds normal right? However, curiosity hits Knicole and she probed more. What she finds out later irks her and basically a lot of netizens.


Apparently, the daughter threatened the mother that she will no longer talk to her if she fails to send the money. It turns out, the money is for her boyfriend, as they are going to celebrate their anniversary.

Knicole could not help but feel sorry for the mother, who in spite of having an ungrateful child, she still insist on giving her money.

The netizens could not help but roll their eyes and get angry as well because of the situation.

Moreover, the post went super viral that it already reached 124K likes, 19K comments and 78K shares.

Read the full post here:


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