Instead of Food Packs, Man Donates Milk and Diapers To Children In Need

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Aside from our senior citizens, babies and children should also be taken extra care of.

And since the world is under a crisis, it hurts to see children suffering from it.

These days, we should prioritize in taking care of the young ones, especially poor children whose parents cannot afford to provide them all the basic necessities.


A lot of people lost their jobs and other source of income because of the lockdown. If the middle class is affected, what more the poorest of the poor?

That is why whenever there is news about good Samaritans, I cannot help but admire and be inspired by them.

Just like this netizen, who chose to give relief specifically to children in need.


On Facebook, Aris Natividad announced that he will be giving milk and diapers to poor families with children aging from 0 to 3 years old.

According to Aris, he decided to focus on child care because he noticed that most food relief that people get do not include basic necessities for babies.


In addition to this, he also asked netizens to let the poorest of the poor have it. And that he will only give those who really have no budget at all.

This kind gesture goes viral and touches a lot of netizens hearts. They hope that more people will follow.

As of this writing, the post already reached 107K like and 39K shares.


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