Is Bullied Boy With Dwarfism Lying About His Age?

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On February 19, 2020 — a mother from Brisbane, Australia posted a video on Facebook showing her son in tears.

I couldn’t find the oringal video anymore, but luckily netizens have reposted it. In this video posted by Twitter user @PopCrave, Quaden Bayles, a 9-year-old with achondroplasia dwarfism is seen distressed in the car, crying.

Yarraka Bayles, his mother, says she’s just picked up Quaden from school. And the reason why she posted the video is because she wants others to see the impact of bullying on her son.

The morning after Yarraka posted the video, Australian news publications shared it, and soon after, it was picked up by international media outlets. Celebrities even tweeted their support for Quaden.


As a matter of fact, On February 20, comedian Brad Williams tweeted a GoFundMe link to help send Quaden and his mother to Disneyland. This was after he tweeted that the viral video “makes him sick” and he wants the boy to know he has him, and he’s got friends all over the world that supports him.


As of this writing, the fundraiser already raised $473,436.

Quaden’s video immediately went viral and majority of the comments from netizens were positive…at first. It was only after a few days that netizens would twist the story and accuse the boy and his mother of scamming people.

In particular, a netizen named Jasmein Dowe posted “proof” on Facebook that Quaden is actually an 18-year-old guy, who has an Instagram account called @quadoss (now deleted). In her claims, she says Quaden is an Instagram celebrity and has scammed everybody.


As a result, netizens starts to doubt the Bayles family and even became the subject of memes.

But despite the accusations, a lot of people are still showing their support for Quaden. Twitter user @Trashnaldo posted his own proof that Quaden is indeed 9.

Take note, Quaden Bayles already made the news years ago. In fact, he was in the media spotlight in 2015, due to a previous incident of bullying.

Watch the video here:

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