Is it a child’s responsibility to repay their parents for raising them?

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Manila – On social media, it is a hot topic whenever this question is asked if the child is really responsible for their parents? If they really have a debt of gratitude for raising them and should it be repaid when the parents are old?

The answer may vary depending on where you look at it and what you believe as a person. Is this really a toxic family culture for us Filipinos or are we just loving our parents?


Here’s a post that circulates on social media that once again raised this so-called issue

A lot of netizens seems to have a different opinion on this:

that’s what you call self entitlement ng bonggang bongga si mudrakels nya hahahah kawawang anak sunod sunuran sa nanay

Kung sino ka man, sana masaya kang your son limited himself dahil sa pagiging materialistic mo

ginawang investment yung anak

Yung na GOLD DIG ka ng sarili mong nanay

Pinagmalaki pa nya na ginawa nyang retirement yung anak nya. Nanay din ako pero nanggigigil ako sa kanya. Di na nahiya!

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