Is it useful? Recto questioned the barrier for motorcycles

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Image Credits: PNA
  • Ralph Recto wants to review the ‘barrier’ on motorcycles again.
  • It does not seem to be effective for couples, according to the senator.
  • He said he hopes to take the step in many test runs first

Like the question of many of our fellowmen, what will be the use of the motorcycle ‘barrier’ for couples to ride if they sleep together at night, according to Senator Ralph Recto.

This is after Recto urged the government to reconsider the barrier requirement imposed for motorcyclists.

Image Credits: Sen Ralph Recto

“What’s the use of a barrier when couples hold hands in going to the motorcycle, and kiss each other goodbye after the ride?” asked Senate President Pro Tempore. “As a virus shield, it is as effective as installing a concrete road divider on the matrimonial bed.”

It will be recalled that the government has allowed riding motorcycles since July 10 but this is only for couples and partners. It is also necessary to put a partition between them as a protection against the coronavirus.

But the Batangueño senator is skeptical: “Isn’t the protection offered them by the motorcycle barrier during the day canceled by their intimacy at night?”

Image Credits: PNA

Because of this, Recto urged that the first test run and workshop be reviewed by experts first if the said measure is really effective against the virus.

“Or can we just ask health experts if a couple who sleep together at night without masks can safely ride a motorcycle together with masks and helmets on?” said the legislator.

Some groups of motorists are opposed to the said IATF proposal because apart from the fact that it does not seem to be effective, it is also dangerous for motorists and can only cause road accidents.

What can you say about the senator’s point of view? Share your thoughts below.

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