Jamill Issue: Camille’s Post Amid Ch3ating Issue Earns Comments

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Here’s the heartbreaking post of Camille Trinidad amid the Jamill issue that garnered various comments.

JAMILL ISSUE – In the middle of the cheating issue, Camille Trinidad has this post on Twitter that caught various comment online.

One of the most viral topics online as of this writing is the cheating accusations against the Pinoy vlogger Jayzam Manabat.

A girl who he accordingly kissed in a comfort room emerged online and posted the story of how it happened. Allegedly, his cousin named “Kim” was also there with him and even backed him up in his act. As much as many people are aware and considering their millions of followers in their social media accounts, vlogger Camille Trinidad is his long-time girlfriend. Being a vlogger couple, they are known as Jamill.

The alleged issue wasn’t well-received by a lot of people knowing how he would always speak against cheating in his previous vlogs.

Watch his previous video against cheating here below.

Many people thought he’s different and would never do it because his relationship is public but it seems like it’s not the way it seems.

On Twitter, amid the height of the alleged cheating, Camille, his girlfriend, has this intriguing post shared online that said, “Yung akala mong hindi mo mararanasan taena dadating din pala sayo.”


Yung akala mong hindi mo mararanasan taena dadating din pala sayo

— Camille Trinidad (@camilltrinidad) April 17, 2021

Check out some comments from the post:

di reason yung “lasing” ka para mag cheat always remember that.

u deserve someone who knows ur worth. idk jayzam’s side but ik you’re in deep pain rn. cheee up, you’ll be fine. i’ll pray for ur healing.

ang totoo lalaki kahit ilan ang di nila pagkakaintindihan ng partner nila, kahit ilang beses man sila mag-away, hindi yan magloloko.

They said once a cheater always a cheater.but first of all cheating is a choice. its okay not to be okay ate camille embrace yourself

OMG!diko inexpect ! Bat naman ganon . Pangarap ko rin magkaroon ng relasyon kagaya nyo . Pero bat ganon……Nakakaiyak na basahin ang lahat

Another tweet she posted can be seen below.


Due to their huge earnings through vlogging, they were able to help their family, the other people in need, acquire a huge house, and buy several cars for their own use.

Such allegation has shocked several people because since then, they are already with each other every single time to the point that cheating is seemingly impossible.

Their contents are mostly about pranking each other and most of their videos on Youtube have millions of views.

What can you say about this? Share your thoughts below.

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