Jollibee rider earns praise after buying medicine for sick baby

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Food delivery is the fastest and easiest way to order food. Riders becomes our new city’s heroes. Like this rider from Jollibee who went beyond delivering food. 


Shishi Cruz de Leon shared her unforgettable story through her Facebook account. De Leon’s child has a fever and couldn’t just leave her and buy a medicine. 


She first tried ask help from her siblings but didn’t receive any reply. She thought of making a special request to a Jollibee rider after remembering a story that went viral in the past. 

The desperate mom placed her order through online. But soon got worried because she did not receive any confirmation via text. 

Twenty minutes later, De Leon almost gave up on hoping her delivery would arrive. Then, the Jollibee rider arrived. 

Source: Facebook

Not only he did brought her food, the rider even got her the medicine she needed! 

De Leon asked how she can even reward him for his kindness. But the Aaron, the rider refused and said he will not take any reward from her. 

Instead, she wrote a commendation on the receipt and took a photo of him. 


She quickly shared her story through social media hoping the rider would get the commendation he deserves. 

And De Leon didn’t fail. Her story immediately went viral and lots of netizens praise the kind rider. 

As of this writing, the story has 95,000 shares with over 600,000 reactions. 

Aaron truly has a big heart and may he continue to be blessed.

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