K-POP Idol Mina of AOA reveals she has been bullied by co-member for the past 10 years

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K-POP world is yet again facing another controversy.

Earlier today, Kwon Min-ah or Mina, a former member of K-POP girl group AOA, revealed that she has been a victim of b*llying for the past decade.

The K-POP idol shared shocking revelations that truly surprised K-POP fans all over the world.


On Instagram, Mina shared in a series of posts that her co-member Jimin, the leader of the group, has been b*llying her for 10 years.

“When my dad passed away, I was in the waiting room crying and a certain someone told me that it was my fault the atmosphere was bad, and to stop crying,” Mina wrote.

“She pulled me to the closet of the waiting room. And I said I was so scared since my dad was dying,”


She also revealed that the reason why she left the group was because of that someone.

Many believed she was referring to her co-member Jimin, as she reacted with “fiction” when Mina posted her revelations.

In addition to this, Mina also revealed that she almost took her own life because of how Jimin treated her.

These revelations angered so many K-POP fans and started cancelling Jimin.

On Twitter, fans have dug up proof that Jimin was not a good leader.

Here are some of the videos:

In the end, Mina said she does not have any plans of suing Jimin, as she cannot afford going to court. All she wants is a sincere apology from her.

Mina now actively promotes as an actress.


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