Kid Serving As A Guide To Blind Parents Goes Viral

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“Love is blind” – this is probably the most overused definition of love. Aside from it is easier to memorize, the meaning kind of holds true.

But, what does the phrase really mean? For the romantics, it means loving despite all the wrongs and differences. For others, it could mean literally.


On February 12, a netizen named John Cuenca Alterado shared on Facebook, photos of a boy guiding his blind parents.

It can be seen in the photos that the boy is tied to his parents, so that he can guide them as they walk on the street.

John said he was driving when he caught the touching moment between the boy and his parents.


What makes the photos more endearing is that the boy is seen smiling widely despite their situation.

In addition to this, John said that some residents in the area told him that the family is not from the city, but actually from a rural barangay.

The post immediately went viral and touched a lot of netizens’ hearts. As of this writing, the post already reached 11K likes and 17K shares.

Positive comments from netizens and well wishes poured in. One of them even said that the parents have been given an angel as their son.

May God bless this beautiful family.


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