Kind Rider, Helps Elderly Sell His Broom Merchandise

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In this day and age, we must work together, especially when we see our fellow human beings struggling.

It was a blessing to meet a rider and an old man selling broom products in San Jose de Monte, Bulacan.

Based on rider Benedict Jade Duran’s story, as he drives to SM Fairview he saw an old man carrying long reed brooms.

At first he allegedly just ride pass it but he looked at it again in the mirror of his motor.

The old man can be seen carrying long brooms while carrying a cane.

While stopping, he was still hesitant if he will go back because he said yes he had a rush order at that time.

But he hurried back to the old man.

When he asked how much the brooms were, he said Php180 each.

He said, ‘Tay upo ka muna pahinga kana ako na bahala magbenta nyan, pinost ko agad sa group ko.” (‘Sir, sit down first, I’ll take care of that, then I posted it right away in my group.”)

Fortunately, there were those who noticed Duran’s post and the brooms were immediately sold out.

The old man’s smile reached heaven as he handed him the money earned from the broom products


Duran said that he felt very good when he made the old man happy and sold all the broom products and the elder man also thanked him.

“Yung ang sarap sa feeling na natulungan mo si tatay Jesus, opo tama po ang pagkabasa niyo, ang name niya ay Jesus!” (“It’s nice to feel that you helped Sir Jesus, yes you read that right, His name is Jesus!”)

He said he admired Jesus because at the age of 85 he was still resilient and still works really hard.

“I salute you sir Jesus, we’ll meet again! Many people also want to help you!”

Duran is also very grateful to the people who ordered the broom and said they were not
hesitant to buy his brooms.

A netizen commented that he was heartbroken to see the old man who is having difficulty to walk and still carries heavy load.

There are also others who want to extend help to the old man.



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