Kind thieves? Robbers return things they stole from a man after seeing him cry!

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Up to this day, even during a pandemic, bogus buyers are still a thing.

There are still customers who would order in bulk, but will cancel last minute just for fun. The sad thing about this is, delivery riders are the ones affected by this.

Some companies would have their delivery riders take the blame, whenever a customer cancels their order. It is unfair, but that’s the way it has always been.


But even if cases like this are likely to happen, delivery riders will still take the risk just to earn money, so they can provide for their families.

A lot of people are struggling nowadays, however some people resort to doing something bad in order to survive.

Just like in this scenario, where a delivery rider falls victim to thieves.

According to World of Buzz, two thieves from Karachi, Pakistan tried to steal from a delivery guy.


In a CCTV footage, it is seen that a delivery guy was on his way to his motorcycle, when two guys riding a motorcycle came up to him.

The two thieves were in complete disguised and forcefully took whatever the delivery guy was holding. But what is shocking is after a few minutes, they gave it back to him.

In addition to this, you can also see that the delivery guy was wiping his tears, and then the one thief even hugged him.

Many netizens said that the thieves could have felt guilt after seeing the delivery guy cry.


A lot of netizens were touched by this gesture, because it just proves that no one is innately evil. Maybe the two thieves are just desperate to have food, but felt sorry about the delivery guy.

In a pandemic like this, everyone is just trying to make ends meet. No matter what it takes.

You can watch the video here:


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