Lady H0spitalized Due to Overdrinking of Milk Tea While Eating Spicy Food

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A young lady is recently hospitalized after eating a lot of spicy food while drinking milk tea.

It is not bad to enjoy comfort but it is true that anything excess has a negative effect on human life and health. Recently, a young lady is hospitalized after eating a lot of spicy food while drinking milk tea.

According to the young lady, she thought that she only felt “heartburn” so she did not pay attention to the illness until she could not cope and was rushed to the hospital.

In a post by Jeff Nortez Serano, a Facebook User, she was recently sent to the hospital after eating her favorite spicy food and drinking milk tea.


She did not think that eating food with chili sauce or chili oil while drinking milk tea would cause her inexplicable pain.

Even though she has become accustomed to this routine, she was shocked when she was rushed to the hospital due to an unexpected head, stomach, and chest pain.

She ignored that bad feeling at first thinking that she might just be tired from the trip.

The next morning her fever suddenly rose and she took medicine to relieve the dizzy feeling, and just rested again. But it was not enough so she went to the hospital.


It is typical for Filipinos to eat from restaurants where one just points out what he or she wants. And often, these restaurants have the option of spicy sauce. And also because of the presence of so many milk tea shops, it is not impossible that these two dishes have been brought together by the Filipinos.

Many of our countrymen are unaware of the possible harm caused by eating spicy food while drinking milk tea.

Examine carefully the food you consume. There are foods, when consumed at the same time, are bad for your health.

According to Jeff, it was good it was immediately seen at the checkup before she reached the point where her stomach was damaged.

She was restricted from eating a lot of other foods that may cause damage to her stomach but that is better than her being rushed to the hospital again.

She added, “Ingatan nyo ang sarili ninyo, hindi lahat ng masarap ay pwede sa katawan natin.”


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