Landlady Gives Free Rent And Extra Cash For Tenants Goes Viral

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It’s always nice to hear good news during a crisis.

During these trying times, kind individuals who are willing to help out other people really restores my faith in humanity.

Just like this landlady who recently went viral for being kind and generous.

According to a netizen named Ryoko Montreal, their landlady, Nanay Preciosa, waived their rent as way of helping out her tenants during the crisis.

In addition to this, Ryoko also shared that not only Nanay Preciosa waived the rental fee, she also gave them extra cash.

On Facebook, Ryoko posted a photo of a 500 peso bill that they received from their kind and generous landlady.


A lot of netizens are impressed and touched by the landlady’s gesture. Most of them are even hoping their landlords would do the same,

Ryoko is really grateful for Nanay Preciosa. Waiving the rent, plus the extra cash are really a big help, especially a big part of the country is under an enhanced community quarantine.

Furthermore, Nanay Preciosa’s tenants are also lucky to have her as their landlady. We have to admit that not everyone is and will be that kind.

Since there is an enhanced community quarantine in the country, a lot of people have lost their jobs, hence, also losing their source of income.

As of this writing, the post already reached 68K likes and 16K shares.


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