Landlord Waives Rent, Gives Tenants Groceries

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The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected so many lives all over the world.

In several countries, jobs and work operations have been suspended due to lockdowns. And that means no income for most citizens.

This is why a tenant is so grateful to her landlord, when he told her not worry about this month’s rent. Not only that, the landlord also gave her and the other tenants free groceries.


On Facebook, a netizen named Christina Marie shared how her landlord surprised her with groceries.

“So my landlord Alan called me earlier and told me not worry about rent this month and we will worry about it later. I said okay,” she said.

“Then, he asked me if I had food. I told him how I had three packs of meat left and needed to go this week and he told me ‘Okay, be safe.’”

According to Christina, her landlord Alan texted her and told her to go to her front porch. And there she was surprised to find lots of groceries such as food and other basic needs.

“I couldn’t tell you how I feel right now. For him to do this for my family, my heart is so touched. GOD BLESS YOU.”

Furthermore, a lot netizens are touched by the kindness of the landlord, that the post went viral.

As of this writing, the post already has 588K reactions and 184K shares.


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