Little Girl Wears Improvised Protective Suit Just To Visit Her Frontliner Dad

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In the middle of a pandemic, our frontliners are the ones sacrificing the most to save us all from an invisible enemy.

They sacrifice their health and safety just to make sure the C0VID-19 virus will not spread any further.

But what most of us do not know is the sacrifices they have to make for their families. Most frontliners do not get to see or be near their families anymore, because of the fear that they might transfer virus onto them.

Just like this netizen, who shared a touching moment between her daughter and her husband, who is a checkpoint guard.


Joly Marie Garces Masa posted on Facebook, photos of her daughter wearing an improvised protective suit just to visit her dad.

The improvised PPE is made of a large garbage bag and a plastic bottle.

In the photos, you can see her 6-year-old daughter Ali, talking to her dad and giving him a birthday cake.


So when Ali begged her to see her dad, hug him and give him a birthday letter, Joly thought of making an improvised PPE for her.

In her caption, Joly asked the netizens to stay at home so that frontliners can go back to their families.

“You people don’t know how much their sacrifice is for us. Please help them by staying at home.” – said Joly.

She also added that the conversation between the daughter and father only took 3 minutes.


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