Lolo, forced by the driver to get off the Jeep because of his smell, embarassed when they knew the old man’s story

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A post from a netizen identified as Peng Contreras Carpo trended. It is about an ‘Lolo’ or old man they were riding with in a passenger jeep.

According to Peng, his fellow passengers in the jeep allegedly complained about the bad smell coming from the old man.


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Due to the passenger’s grievances, the driver noticed this so he took action, he tried to force Lolo to get off the jeep but at Peng’s mercy he stopped it and claimed that he would pay the old man’s fare.

Here is his post:



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Tatay Bert turned out to be the said old man, he in turn narrated what happened to him that he had not had a week for almost a week, he apologized to those who were with him in the Jeep.

He said that because of his age no one hired him to work so he was forced to beg.

He even showed the contents of his bag of clothes and food to bring to his family.

What is even more sad is that his wife is still in need of medicine, when the passengers heard her statement, they almost swallowed it with shame at the mockery they did to the old man.

Peng, on the other hand, is prevented from shedding tears because of what the old man is experiencing.

So Peng thought to post this on social media to give awareness to others that this incident might happen again, do not immediately judge the person we see, in less than 24 hours many have already reacted to Peng’s post.

Here are some of the netizens reactions:

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