LOOK: Netizen’s first tattoo went viral here’s why.

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They say your first is the most unforgettable experience you once have weather it’s from a first love, first day of work, first time mom, the experience is trully memorable and it goes to those who also want to have a tattoo.

Mostly, they want a tattoo that has a meaning in their lives. Most tattoos have a story. Your artist can create a touching tribute to a loved one or illustrate an inside joke you have with your friends — but underlying meaning is never a requirement to getting inked.

What’s important is that you walk away from your session happy with the art that’s permanently etched into your skin. And whether it’s your first or fifth time, this feeling is never a guarantee when you’re considering a new tattoo.


But this netizen has a different story on her first tattoo, yes it will be memorable but in different way.


Pampa good vibes ang experience ni Shana na first time na nagpa tatoo.


My tattoo story goes this:
Tattoo artist: anong papa tattoo mo?
Ako : first time ko lang po gusto ko sana memorable at related to me.
Tattoo artist :
Ahhh eto pumili ka
( binigyan ako ng mga sample design )
Ako : ayyy eto po kuya maganda toh ayan na lang po
Tattoo artist:
Sige madali lang yan
After ng session namen
Tattoo artist :
Mam pisces ka pala February ka rin pinanganak
Same pala tayo ng zodiac sign
Ako :
Ahhhh hala zodiac pala yon kuya taurus po ako
Napaka unforgettable ng first tattoo ko


Photo by Shana Lumanog (Facebook)

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