LOOK: Scarecrow Village In Nagoro, Japan

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There is a small village in Japan with only a population of 27 people. Shocking, right?

To ‘replace’ residents who moved to a different town, a Japanese woman decided to make ‘scarecrow dolls’. The dolls eventually became a tourist attraction in the area.

The village is called Nagoro and is located in Iya Valley, southern part of Japan.


Nagoro is also known as the Nagoro Scarecrow Village, because the realistic dolls outnumbers the number of human beings who live there.

According to reports, you can find an estimated 270 life-sized scarecrows inside Nagoro. They are created by 69-year-old Tsukimi Ayano.

Ayano shared that she started making the dolls in 2003 to scare the birds that often eat the seeds in her garden.

She dresses her scarecrows using her father’s old clothes.


Furthermore, Ayano also shared that her neighbors mistook one of her dolls as her father at one point.

Since then, Ayano has been making scarecrows in human form. She uses pieces of wood, old newspaper, elastic cloth, and knitting wool.

In addition to this, she spends 3 days in making just one doll, then she puts them in other parts of the village.

Moreover, Ayano also makes ‘child’ scarecrows. There used to be a school in the village, but since there are only old people there, the school was abandoned.


That’s when she decided to make child dolls and filled up the classrooms with it.

However, Ayano admitted that it can get really lonely in the village. They used to have 300 people residing in there, but now it seems like everyone moved on to better places.

Ayano said she keeps making dolls to reminisce the time where their village is still alive.


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