Man Gives Beloved Pet A Funeral And A Proper Burial

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There is a reason why dogs are called a “man’s best friend”. They are more than just animal companions. They love us unconditionally. They’re very loyal and they protect us.


Dogs can also ease loneliness, even reduce stress and anxiety. They are not just pets. To some, they are even considered as a member of the family. That is why whenever a beloved pet goes to the rainbow bridge, our hearts break into million pieces. Burying them is another story.


For example, a netizen from Batac, Ilocos Norte named Richard Bulong Agustin Jr., shared photos on Facebook of his beloved dog’s funeral.


You must be thinking, why on earth would he give an animal, a funeral? Well, why not?!

The beloved dog named Stanley, a Shih Tzu, was buried in his own little coffin, after dying of anemia, according to a story on GMA News TV’s “State of the Nation with Jessica Soho”. The pet was also taken to a church in order to have a priest conduct proper funeral rites.


Even though he only had Stanley for two years, Richard said that his pet was pretty much like family. He even had a party thrown in to mark the dog’s birthday.

Watch the short clip below:

Studies show that the average life span of Shih Tzu is between 10 and 18 years, which is quite long as compared to the life span of some larger dog breeds. While Shih Tzus are known to be a pretty healthy breed, like any other dog, they are still prone to some particular health issues.

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