Man Gives Huge Portion Of Land To Elephants That Saved His Life

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A man from India has upset his wife and children, because he willed a majority of their land to two elephants that saved his life.

According to Akhmar Imam, he decided to change his will and bequeath 2.5 hectares of land to his two elephants, Moti and Rani because they are “no less than family”.

“I simply don’t want hardship for my Moti and Rani, who are no less my family,” Imam told AFP.


“I don’t want my elephants to face the fate of orphaned or abandoned captive elephants who die on the streets or in deserted fields due to lack of proper care.”

Imam, 50, from a village in eastern Bihar, runs a wildlife trust. There he raised 20-year-old Moti and 15-year-old Rani since birth.


Each elephant roams free on his land and has 2 staff looking after them day and night.

Furthermore, he said his love for the two gentle giants grew more. He said they saved him from “gun-carrying criminals*, who tried to harm him last year while he was sleeping.


“When I opened my door to see why the elephants were trumpeting, I saw they were chasing criminals nearby,” he said.

“I am alive due to my elephants who had worked like bodyguards to me.”

Unfortunately, this upsets his wife and kids as they were bequeath a smaller land and just a house.


Imam says that his wife and kids don’t understand the relationship he has with his elephants. And that it is forever.

“Human greed is endless, even if you give them the whole world it’s not enough.” Imam said.


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