Manager Refuses To Give Delivery Guy Water. Is Kindness Really Free?

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Every day, everyone has their own struggle. Their own thing. Some people go to their 9-5 jobs, others are bosses of those people. We may have different careers, but at the end of the day, all of us work to live.

On one hand, Filipinos are known for being hospitable. I don’t know if it is in our blood but for some reason, we are just innately helpful. We are very approachable, we even help out strangers in need. In fact, we automatically treat our neighbors like an extended family. Yet ironically, classism still exists in the Philippines.

For example, in a viral Facebook post from Pinoy Vlogs, an unnamed Grab Rider went to pick up his order at an S&R store and asked the manager if he could have some water. Ultimately, anyone expects the manager to give him some, right?! But unfortunately, that did not happen. Their conversation goes:


Grab Rider: Maam pwede po ba makahingi ng tubig? (Maam can i have some water?)

Manager: Di po pwede sir for customer only (It is not allowed sir, for customer only)

Grab Rider: Customer naman po ako maam (But I am a customer maam)

Manager: (You’re) a customer as a delivery rider, not a dine-in customer

After reading about this encounter, I could not help but feel sorry for the Grab rider and be mad at the store manager. I am asking myself, why in the world she cannot give that man some water? Is it because its the store’s rule? Is it really for dine-in customers only? Did the owner of S&R really say that they are not allowed to give out water to anyone? I mean, it does not have to be a pure distilled water. As a matter of fact, tap water will do. But how come the manager refused? With this, only one thing came to mind. Classism.


S&R is a membership-type shopping experience

I mean, sure, she’s a manager of a big store like S&R where only the elites go. It is like a HUGE grocery store but only the members can go shop there. There are two types of membership. The Business Member type costs 900 php ($18) per year and the Gold Member type costs 700 php ($14) per year. So obviously, it is pretty expensive for the working class.

However, just because a person’s job is lower than yours does not mean you have to treat them differently. Not to mention, being a delivery guy is actually a decent job. So the way the manager implied to the Grab Rider that he’s not considered as a customer JUST BECAUSE he works as a delivery guy, therefore, he is not entitled of the customer-only perks like free water is absolutely appalling.

There’s a quote about kindness that I really like and it goes, “Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are.” So let’s all be kind to one another. Let us justify that Filipinos are indeed the most hospitable human beings on the planet. After all, kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give.

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