Nas Academy announced that they will pause its operation in the Philippines.

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Nas Daily has been on the hot seat these few days for its “Whang-Od’s Controversy”.

Here is Nas Academy’s latest statement:

Dear Philippines,

We started Nas Academy because we think everybody should become a teacher.

We wanted everyone inside and outside the Philippines to become a teacher because knowledge is the only thing that increases when you give it away.

Sadly, some of our intentions have been misunderstood, as we can see with Whang-Od Academy. But our goal has always been to help people become teachers, with their input and consent.

We are committed to working with the National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP) to ensure that all proper processes are followed. Meanwhile, we will be pausing our operations in the Philippines to focus on strengthening our processes around how we collaborate with our partners.

We have full respect and belief in both the Filipino people and culture, which is why we chose the Philippines as one of the first places to build Nas Academy.

We will come back more energized and ready to help more inspiring people become teachers in the Philippines.

Because Education changes lives.

Thank you to everyone who has engaged in conversation with us. Please take care and stay safe amidst the pandemic.

See you again, soon!


Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho released a statement on their Facebook page indicating that the “course is not pushing through”.

Catriona Gray halts accepting new applicants for Nas Academy course.

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