Netizen Captures Iridescent Clouds Over Metro Manila Goes Viral

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One will be truly amazed to see God’s wonder in our daily lives.

There are times that the beauty of nature is just too much to handle, you would start to think if it is real.

Just like in this scenario, where a netizen shared photos of one of the most beautiful natural phenomenon.


On Facebook, a netizen named Aldrin Lasutan Pabas shared photos of iridescent clouds that he captured over Metro Manila.

Iridescent clouds or more commonly as “rainbow clouds” or “fire rainbows”, occur when sunlight diffracts off water droplets in the atmosphere.


According to atmospheric phenomena experts, iridescent clouds usually appear on very hot and humid days and during the afternoon.

Furthermore, they usually accompany thunderstorms. This natural phenomenon is so rare, that it is so nice to see it happen here in the Philippines, especially in the metro!


Moreover, Aldrin shares that he captured the photos at around 5:30 PM on Wednesday, over Barangay Sauyo in Quezon City.

A lot of netizens love the photos that it immediately went viral. As of this writing, the post already has 14K reactions and 26K shares.


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