Netizen Gives Advise To Gen Z Students

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  • A netizen named Adrian Santiago expresses his thoughts on Generation Z students’ behavior
  • He reminds the youth about the right ways to solve their problems and issues at school
  • Adrian’s post went viral and gathered various reactions from netizens

A netizen couldn’t help but share his thoughts about the behavior of students belonging to Generation Z or otherwise known as Centennials.


On February 15, Adrian Santiago shared on a Facebook post a photo of a student’s complaint about the school taking fresh graduates as instructors.


As a result, Adrian defended the fresh graduates of the Education course who immediately started to teach after passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).

“Una sa lahat, mali ang pamamaraan ng pagdulog mo sa problema. Kung sinabi mo sa facilitator mo na ‘Sir, pakiulit naman po ng diniscuss niyo, slow learner po kasi ako.’ E di sana walang problema. Hindi naman bobo yang guro mo. Uulitin niya iyan kasi special ka,” said Santiago. (First of all, your way of dealing with problems is wrong. If you told your facilitator ‘Sir, can you repeat what you discussed, its just that I’m a slow learner’ then there shouldn’t be a problem. Your teacher is not stupid. He will definitely start over because you’re special)

“Ikalawa, kung hindi ka satisfied sa guro mo, learner-centered po tayo, yung GoSurf50 mo po wag mo i-pang Mobile Legends. One click away lang po ang mga information na need mo para matuto, lapit lang kay Mr. Google,” he added. (Second, if you are not satisfied with your teacher, we are learner-centered, don’t spend your GoSurf50 on Mobile Legends. There is Mr. Google, all information you need to learn are just one click away)

Adrian advises that there is a proper way for students to resolve the issues and problems they face in school.

His post immediately went viral and gathered different reactions in social media.

As of this writing, the post already reached 9.9K likes and 10.7K shares.

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