Netizen posts 1.7 Million Electricity bill to be sued by MERALCO

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MERALCO bill of a certain resident surprised many netizens. The said bill reached more than ₱1.7 million.

Netizen Joven Salarda shared this by joking about the size of their bill. He says, “Ipapasara ko na ata bahay ko.”

It is due to the alleged size of his electricity consumption

Later, it was clarified by the netizen himself that he only made a mistake in printing the bill

Last May, many residents calmed down due to the size of the electricity bill increase.

Meralco tried to explain this and said that they would not cut electricity supply immediately. In case some people could not pay their bill due to the crisis caused by COVID-19.

The alleged Meralco bill amounting to more than 1.7 million pesos has caused a stir on social media.

Salarda is an ordinary resident. It is very impossible for him electricity bill to reach a million.

Some netizens joke that the entire barangay line maybe connected to Salarda’s line.

Later, he gave an update. He said that the made a mistake in printing their actual bill and that it was only ₱ 1,700.

Image Credits: Joven Salarda

MERALCO will set a file against the netizen.. The netizen allegedly spread his friend’s bill to P1.773 million this lockdown.

Meralco’s investigation revealed that the said bill came from an account owned by SM Development Corporation. The electric company service the corporate account attached to 1,364.

As a result, Meralco will sue netizen Joven Salarda for violating cybercrime law.

Meanwhile, Salarda was not the only one to receive Meralco’s “surprising” bill Last May.

In fact, many of our countrymen is affected by the size of their charges compared to previous months.

The company once mentioned that due to the enhanced community quarantine in Luzon, particularly in Metro Manila, they will only rely on average consumption.

It is based on the last three months average consumption of a household before the ECQ.

Double, triple, and others have been raised four times the electricity bill of most residents of Manila.

Meralco has released a statement on their page regarding this problem in the “Understanding Your May Bill” section. “The May bill is a result of the actual kWh Consumption from the current meter reading, less the estimated consumption,” part of the statement said on their own website.


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