Netizens Namangha Sa Gasoline Boy na Nakapagpagawa ng Kanyang ‘Dream House’

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Image Credits: P U G E

Namangha ang mga Netizens sa Dream House ng Gasoline Boy na ito sapagkat malapit na itong matapos.

This Gasoline Boy’s dream is now coming into reality. He once dreamed of fulfilling his Dream House, despite his work.

Is there any person who has no dreams in life? Everyone seems to be dreaming of having a good life, including having their own quiet house, car, business, and happy family. But, it is a big test for each of us how to fulfill our desired dreams.

We have dreams that are naturally achievable when they are put into practice and put together.

Igue G. Varra, 26, a gasoline boy, received praise from netizens when he shared a photo of his dream house being built, including the drawing, with 2 bedrooms, a terrace, a simple living room, kitchen and its dining area.

Measuring 22 × 24 ft. floor area, he used to dream of building it in Pampanga, now he himself seems to be believing that it is coming true.

He started building it on March 3, 2020 with 3 carpenters.

He was so happy that his long-dreamed house finally came true.


It was temporarily halted due to the implementation of community quarantine throughout the country.

He said he also spent a lot of money amounting to P250,000 but he did not regret it because it was a good gift for himself and his family.

He is really an inspiration to many who also dream of life.

Perseverance, diligence and determination are all that is needed for the dream to be fully achieved.



Here are some of the netizens comments:



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