Nurses In China Left With Deep Marks From Wearing Masks All Day In Combat Against COVID-19

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Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they wear surgical masks and can be found in hospitals. For six weeks, healthcare professionals have been working non stop to fight the COVID-19 epidemic, especially in China where in Hubei province alone there are 48,000 confirmed cases.

Across social media, China is paying tribute to these unsung heroes, sharing images of how their appearance under the masks since the outbreak has magnified their suffering and sacrifices.


On Twitter, People’s Daily China shared photos of nurses and doctors with deep marks on their faces from wearing tight masks and protective gears all day.

In the fight against COVID-19, China has mobilized its doctors, nurses, medical staff, even the police and the military.


Netizens are touched yet at the same time, worried for the paramedics’ safety and expresses their concern on Twitter. Here are some of their tweets:

In an interview with BBC, a nurse known as Yao described what was going on behind the scenes at a Xiangyang hospital. Xiangyang is the second-largest city in Hubei after Wuhan.

“It’s a difficult job, it’s very sad and heartbreaking, and most of the time we don’t think about our own safety anymore. We also have to handle the patients with utmost care since they come to us afraid. Some are even on the brink of breaking down,” said Yao


As a result, the high volume of patients coming to their hospital meant they have to go on for another 12 hours without eating, drinking or even a bathroom break.

Despite the bad situation, Yao and her colleagues still have the drive to keep going as the public and netizens have been sharing words of encouragement.

Let’s all pray for all of us to get through this. Let us all be brave and support the front-liners in the battle against the coronavirus.

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