OFW Pretends To Be A Delivery Guy To Surprise Parents

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We consider our OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers as modern-day heroes because of the sacrifices they have to make. They risk their lives in another country, not knowing what will happen to them, just so they can give their families a better life.

If you want to be an OFW, you have to be strong and brave, as you will be apart from your family for a long time. There will be days where you will be homesick, and the pain of missing them would be unbearable.

Just like this OFW named Michael Francisco, who poses as a delivery boy to surprise his parents.


On a video posted on the Faceboook page of “Paolo Duterte Supporters“, Michael is seen wearing a face mask while getting out of a tricycle, carrying a package as he pretends to be a courier. At first, his mother did not notice the tattoo of her face on her son’s arm.

And after that, Michael took off his mask and said hi to his mother. Again, she did not recognize him because of how long he has been away.


Seconds later, she realized that it was his son and she let out a scream and hugged Michael immediately.

Michael and his mother’s eyes are filled with tears as they enveloped each other in a tight embrace. In fact, even the people with them could not help but cry because of the touching reunion. When Michael went inside their house, his father also cried at the sight of his son.


The video has also touched a lot of netizens because you can really see and feel how much Michael’s parents missed him.

Watch the full video here:

Being away from your family is really hard but sometimes sacrifices have to be made. OFWs are indeed our modern day heroes for doing so.

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