OFW Shares Her Hardship on Working Abroad

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Tired OFW opens up about her hardships working abroad, shares her experience as she sleeps on kitchen floor to rest.

“Overseas Filipino worker” and “OFW” are appealing words to many. Receiving foreign currency as your salary, lots of travel trips and vacations, and a wonderful chance to enjoy a life outside the country sounds amazing. Right?

But that is not always the case for all OFWs. When you reach abroad and start working as a domestic helper, it is only then you realize the hardship of working, away from your family while dealing with your foreign employers.

Many OFW domestic helpers are living difficult lives abroad. Sacrificing a lot just to be able to provide their families a better life with a better income.

Expat Readers, an OFW blog, shares the story of Star Apple Castroverde. She works as domestic helper in Saudi Arabia.

“Abroad pa more!” Castroverde tells herself jokingly every time she feels tired in her job as domestic helper.


This mantra gives her strength to finish her everyday chores. Rather than feel sorry for herself, it makes her focus on her goal.

She shared a photo of herself sleeping on the floor of her employer’s kitchen. She can’t go to bed yet even though she was too tired after a long day of working because her employers have a visitor.


This wise OFW decided to take a rest on the floor for a while, while she can’t go to her room yet.

This domestic helper used the kitchen rug as her makeshift mat to prevent her back feeling cold.

She’s just too tired to even care about sleeping on the kitchen floor.

Clearly, she needed rest. But she is not really complaining about her situation. Thus, making this domestic helper go viral.

She found a way to rest, instead of complaining. Indeed, the situation is saddening. She should have been allowed to rest in her bedroom. However, many OFWs face this reality.

In fact, there are a lot of domestic helpers who get deprived of getting enough sleep. Others are not given enough food despite a whole day worth of work. Some don’t have their own bedrooms and sleep on the kitchen floor every night.

Despite that she sleeps on the kitchen floor once in a while at her own choice, Castroverde is still lucky because her employers still provided her with a room.


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