Old woman vendor by day, takes care 100+ of stray cats and dogs by night

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Once in a while, we’ve come across a stray cat and dog. Sometimes we wonder what we should do to help. Good thing, there’s still plenty of organizations out there who are willing to help these poor creatures.

Like this 64-year-old woman, Huang Xiuying. She’s a food vendor at Ayer Hitam in Johor, Malaysia. She spends her day time at her stall, selling rice and rice viands for living. While she spends the rest of the days taking care of stray cats and dogs.


As of now, she takes care over 100 cats and dogs. Many of them had been left by their owners or those she picked up from the animal shelter.

“Seeing stray dogs often remind me of my own dogs. So I wound up bringing home one stray dog after another. Some were brought in from Penang City Hall, others from people who brought them to me.” Xiuying explained.

According to Xiuying, the idea of rescuing these dogs and cats came after she lost one of her two beloved dogs to a passing car. It didn’t even bother to stop and check whether the dog was alright. Since that day, she took many dogs under her care.


Having many pets means also spending a lot of money on them! She usually spends RM450 ($100) for renting the shelter where the animals are kept. Not only that, she also hire workers to feed the animals and keeps the area clean. She pays RM1,500 ($360).


Xiuying works hard at her chicken and rice stall to earn money for these animals. She opens her shop early. Before the day ends, she would do a 15 minute walk to reach the shelter. So she can personally take care of the animals.

She also said that all of these cats and dogs were ligated and vaccinated.


It’s indeed exhausting, both physically and financially. But Xiuying doesn’t mind.

“When I see that they (the strays) have a place to eat and stay, it makes me feel happy. It’s not difficult to take care of them. I just think of it like doing house chores.” she explained.

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