One hundred vending stalls in Ylaya Street in Divisoria already opened to the public

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Image Credits: ABS-CBN News

New vending stalls on Ylaya Street in Divisoria were inaugurated by Mayor Isko Moreno

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno led the inauguration of the new stores in Ylaya Divisoria with the aim of giving street vendors high dignity.

The construction of new vending stalls is part of the “Build, Build Manila” Program

According to the mayor, the construction of new vending stalls is part of the “Build, Build Manila” Program.

One hundred vending stalls on Ylaya Street in Divisoria were officially opened on Saturday, August 22nd.

Image Credits: ABS-CBN News

Each stall measures 1 meter x 2 meters and has its own power meter.

Vendors at the station pay only forty pesos per day – twenty in the morning, twenty in the afternoon

Vendors who are given a stall will pay the city government P40 per day – P20 in the morning and P20 in the evening.

This will prevent the old trend that poor vendors pay higher amounts to illegal market organizers who are usually corrupt barangay officials.

“Etneb in the morning, etneb in the afternoon, takwarens all day. He has his own accountant, no more ‘eddie and patty,” Yorme said at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Image Credits: Manila Public Information Office

Due to the vending stalls, Ylaya Street, which used to be crowded and impassable, has become airy as vendors have covered almost the entire road.

Mayor Isko expects vendors to maintain the cleanliness of the road known as the “textile capital” of Divisoria.

Yorme clarified that only a few of the inner roads in Divisoria were opened for street vendors.

On large roads like Recto Avenue street vendors are not allowed.

Image Credits: ABS-CBN News

All that is allowed on Recto Avenue is the night market where wholesalers sell vegetables and fruit to retailers from various parts of Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

The night market on Recto Avenue also serves as a dumping ground for farmers’ products from different parts of Luzon.


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