One Stick At A Time: How A Simple Street Food Vendor Was Able To Support His Children’s Education

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Parents will do everything to give their children all the basic needs, such as food and shelter. But, in a third-world country like the Philippines, there is one need that most parents cannot afford to give: Education.

Education has become a privilege, instead of a right, in the country. For you to be able to send your kids to a good college, you need more than the minimum wage to be able to afford the tuition fees here. Hence, most poor families do not even bother to send their children to college anymore, even though there are public universities that offer free education.

However, being poor is not an excuse for anyone not to work hard.

Take this for example, a netizen named Girlie Versoza shared on social media her life story about how her parents managed to support their college education.


According to Girlie, her parents have been selling street food for a living ever since she was in Elementary. They sell a variety of street food such as fishball, kikiam and samalamig.

There are times when her classmates would mock them for being poor, but she and her siblings would just ignore them because their parents raised them right.


“Anak, kung anong mayroon tayo ay huwag mong ikahiya. Huwag mong ipilit na mag-astang mayaman para lang kaibiganin ka ng ibang tao. Maging natural ka lang.” (Child, never be ashamed of whatever we have. Don’t pretend to be rich just for people to befriend you. Just be natural)

That is one of her parents’ advises and its the reason why they were able to ignore the hate.


The four siblings then studied hard so that they can repay the sacrifices of their parents.

A lot of netizens admired Girlie and her sisters for being able to graduate. In her post, she thanked her parents for working hard to sell fishballs just so they can give them a good education.


“Maraming salamat sa Papa at Mama ko. Alam ko marami kayong gutom na tiniis. Maraming panghihiya ang pinaraya pero lahat ginawa mapatapos lang kami sa pag-aaral.” wrote Girlie (Thank you so much Mom and Dad. I know you have sacrificed a lot, endured a lot, just so we can graduate)

This touched a lot of netizens because you can feel the sincerity in Girlie’s words.


So you see, being poor is not a hindrance to reach your dreams. If you work hard, you will definitely succeed in life.

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