Photo of an Indonesian man ‘marrying’ rice cooker garners attention on social media.

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A photo of an Indonesian man marrying his rice cooker has gone viral overnight on social media. The man is seen dressed in wedding attire while the bride, a rice cooker wore a wedding veil.


The viral photos show a man, named Kahirol Anam signing the wedding papers for the legality of his wedding also in the other photo he is seen kissing his beloved rice cooker.


“White, quiet, perfect. Doesn’t talk much, is good at cooking, a dream come true. Without you my rice is not cooked,” Anam captioned the post.

Four days later, Anam announced that he “divorced” his “wife” on Facebook. The reason behind the couple’s separation is that she is good at cooking rice but not good at making any other dishes.

Anam is known to create humorous content on social media and the whole wedding is just for fun.

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