Pinoy OFW Saves Up 1 Million Pesos In 3 Years. How Does He Do It?

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A lot of netizens were amazed by this Pinoy OFW after he shared his ipon challenge which is at 1 Million pesos.

Neil Ryan Lorenzo shared that it took him 3 and a half years before he decided to break open his piggy bank.


According to Neil, he is able to avoid other vices, has been on a diet and has stopped spending on online games. As a result, he is able to save a lot of money.

Neil also added that the PESO SENSE Facebook page helped him get rid of his bad habits by challenging him to save up.


As a matter of fact, he learned a lot of things like taking care of himself and learning what to prioritize in spending.

In addition to this, from 85kg he went down to 75kg. He started eating healthy food as it is cheaper than food which is expensive but bad for the body.


Neil is so grateful for all his blessings that he couldn’t help but share with the netizens what he did.

According to him, he will give the money to her mother, as well as the church and street beggars in the Philippines.


Many netizens were inspired and wanted to do what Neil did. Filipinos have a very different approach when it comes to saving up. You got to have courage, determination and patience.

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