God is bigger than your problems

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“No coward soul is mine, No trembler in the world’s storm-troubled sphere: I see Heaven’s glories shine, and faith shines equal, arming me from fear” — Emily Bronte

There are times when we feel burdened with the weight of seeing our children’s health and protection. Our hearts are gripped with fear because the world we live in is full of dangers that can be life-threatening to people including our own children. More often than not, most mothers yield to the false notion that only they, like their mothers, can keep them safe. As mothers, we know our prime concern must be that of our children’s needs and so we feel we must let go of our profession to attend to their well-being. We sincerely love our families and we certainly serve them with gladness.

Sometimes we forget though, that we, parents and our children are both in God’s hands. As earthly parents, we can never protect our children from every snare and peril in this world – for only our Creator, the Heavenly Father can truly see to their best interests and safety. When we put Him at the center of our lives, He can balance our parenthood with our other occupations and domestic chores.

However, there are times when the many responsibilities of caring for a family may seem too much to bear. We’d like to escape and run away, have lunch or dinner or brunch with a friend, read a book, stroll around the mall – anything except fulfill the various domestic chores of another load of laundry, cleaning the floors or cooking another meal or washing the pile of dishes. In all these, we just have to trust God and His Supernatural Provisions and His Timing when we are gripped with fear, worry, anxiety and time management. For when we trust God, He will provide for all the ordinary daily things our children need; and He will also see that they receive those extra special sweets. God is truly bigger than our problems and He can surmount all mountains of problems.

“Heavenly Father, thank You for being not only our Father but our children’s as well. When we are afraid and anxious for their safety and well-being, help us to trust them each to you, knowing that You love and care for them far more than we, as their parents are capable of.

Lord Jesus, we surrender to You our worries and anxieties, all our needs, problems and challenges in life. We place them all in Your Big Hands. And we open ourselves to all that You want to give to us. Today, we say yes to Your love, to Your Blessings, to Your Healing, to Your Miracles. Please, dear God, Give our children their daily bread – and now and then – give them apples, grapes, honey, and cranberry syrup too! We believe that You will answer our prayer in the best way possible and we thank Thee for the perfect answers to our prayers. Amen.

God is bigger than whatever is stressing you out.


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