Real-Life Rapunzel: Meet The Woman Who Refused To Cut Her Hair Since She Was 5

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They say the hair is our crowning glory. A lot of us women have wished to have long hair since we were kids. And one perk of having long hair is you can style it any way you want!

But, maintaining and caring for our hair takes a lot of effort! That is why we admire this woman, who not only hasn’t cut her hair since she was a kid, but also how she maintains it.

Meet Alena Kravchenco, 34, from Odesna, Ukraine. Widely recognized as a real-life Rapunzel, Alena has a luscious hair that is 6 feet long.

After being inspired by her mother, this beautiful lady has been growing her hair since she was 5.

She is only 5’6 tall, which means her hair is longer than her, yet she hasn’t thought of cutting it.

“The love for my braid is very strong that for a second in my whole life I haven’t thought of a haircut. I can’t see or imagine myself having short hair or dyed hair in a different color.” she told Bored Panda.

In addition to this, Alena admits that taking care of her beautiful locks requires patience and time. But, it does not matter since she loves taking care of it.

“It’s not difficult for me when it comes to the constant care of them. It’s a thing of joy because it’s part of me. My beauty and Wealth!” Alena said.

Furthermore, Alena reveals that she takes care of her hair by allowing it to dry naturally, before she puts any product.

She also shares that she does not use hair blowers and curling irons.


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