Sanggol Pinaniniwalaang Nawalan Ng Paningin Dahil Sa Camera Flash Ng Cellphone

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Sanggol Diumano’y Nawalan Ng Paningin Dahil Sa Camera Flash Ng Cellphone

Parents sometimes cannot stop themselves from taking pictures of their babies when they are newborns as a souvenir of their fondest memories when they are growing up. Overjoyed and fond of them, they are photographed to preserve the memories.

But, did you know that camera flash of cellphones and other gadgets can cause harm to babies?

Most of us probably don’t even know that taking a photo with its flash turned on may cause harm to babies eyes.

A newborn baby in China has blinded his eyes after a friend of his family took a picture of him. The said friend held his cellphone, ten inches away from the baby because he wanted to take a closer picture of the child. Unfortunately, this friend forgot to turn off his camera flash and took a picture of it. In a quick moment, the baby’s parents noticed that there seemed to be something strange about their baby’s vision after taking the picture. The story was featured on People’s Daily Online.


To make matters worse, the left eye is visually impaired while the right eye is permanently blind. According to the doctor, the camera flash is the cause of permanent damage to the baby’s macula. When a child reaches the age of four, injuries can affect the macula causing damage to central vision.

According to eye experts, babies are still vulnerable to strong lights, and it should also be noted that not only the camera flash should be turned off but also the intense light coming from the bathroom during children’s baths.


The child’s parents, on the other hand, have not yet issued a statement as to whether they will accuse the friend of causing the emotionally devastating incident to the child.

Verify: Can a baby be blinded with a camera flash?

First Coast News verified this story and asked opthalmogist Dr. Jeffrey Levenson just how likely it is that a baby, or anyone, could be blinded by a camera flash..

Dr. Levenson says, “It’s clear that flash cameras don’t damage babies’ eyes. If they did we’d have an entire generation of blind babies, and of course, we don’t. So, flash cameras are perfectly safe for babies.”

So, it is verified that the “baby blinded by cell phone camera flash” story is FALSE.


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