Seaweed Farming In Palawan, Symbol Of Education To Many

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We often hear from our elders that aside from material things, education is the only real treasure they can give us.

So it is no wonder that our parents work extra hard, to give us the best future possible. Even if it is hard and tiring, they will do it just so we can graduate.

One of these parents is Mardy Montaño. He strives and works hard so his children can have proper education.


He is from Negros Occidental, but he moved to Palawan to be with his loved ones.

In fact, his dream of giving his children good education served as a bridge for other parents, who wants to do the same thing for their children.

He is currently the chair and president of Cherish Fisherfolk Association. It is a group made of seaweed farmers in Sitio Balintang, Barangay Isugod.

According to Montaño, seaweed farming is the only occupation in their area that helps parents get their children to school.

Compared to other cities that offers different permanent jobs, in Palawan all they have is the ocean.


He also shares that whenever a storm comes, they will not be able feed their family as it is very dangerous for fishermen to go out on sea.

If they do not catch any fish, their kids will suffer.

As a result, they switched to seaweed farming. And it became easier for them since then.

In their area, they sell 1 kilogram of seaweed for only PHP 85. Each line they harvest is up to 25 meters long.


It weighs 100 kilograms when fresh and within 25 to 30 kilograms after drying. In total, they can earn as much as PHP 2,500 per line of seaweed.

With the help of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Lutheran World Relief (LWR), and the Ecumenical Church Loan Fund (ECLOF), they now have a solar inland dryer. It that allows for faster, cleaner, and better drying for their seaweeds.


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