Security guard in General Santos goes viral after giving water to the thirsty boy.

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General Santos – A security guard working at a fast-food restaurant has gone viral overnight after helping a thirst boy.

A viral photo showed a barefoot boy holding a glass of water in front of a security guard, named Edward Placencia.

Netizen, Julius Paigalan witnessed Edward’s act and what shocked him most is how Edward called the boy “sir” showing respect even in front of a kid.

According to uploader Julius Paigalan, he saw Edward’s act and thought it was commendable that the guard also treated the child with respect, like any other customer.

“Maliban po kasi sa pagbigay ni Kuya Guard ng tubig do’n sa bata, ang mas ikinamangha ko pa ay ang pagtawag niya rito ng ‘sir’ na nagpapakita lamang ng kabutihang loob,” said Julius.


A Story of a GLASS OF WATER!
Julius Paigalan shared a heartwarming story he witnessed while he was waiting for his take out order in a fast food.
Earlier this day.
Boy: Kuya. Kuya. (Calling the SG from the outside)
SG: Yes sir?
Boy: Tubig 🥺🙂
SG: Tubig lang sir? Di ka gustog coke?
Boy: (nod)
Around 1:00 in the afternoon, as I was sitting outside of Mang Inasal (Pendatun Avenue branch) waiting for a friend to take his take-out order, I saw this barefooted child eating a spared part of chicken Inasal. Minutes had passed, when he was done, he approached kuya SG, asking for a glass of water. At first, I thought kuya SG wouldn’t mind doing it as he was quite busy with the entering customers. But to my surprise, he entertained the child and didn’t drive the boy away. He even asked what the boy prefer then proceeded to handing him a glass of water. Leaving a smile on the child’s face. KUDOS kuys SG!
We’re used to respect people in authority. But isn’t it more applauding to respect everyone of different social status? The fact that the SG is addressing the young boy as “Sir”, really is commendable! 🤗

Photo by: @jpaigalan (Facebook)

As of writing, Julius’ Facebook post has garnered over 57,000 reactions and 13,000 comments.

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