Senior High Students Surprised Blind Classmate With A Braille Yearbook

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The yearbook staff at Conifer High School in Colorado, spent more than 1500 hours designing a braille yearbook for student RJ Sampson.

Randy Samspon or RJ is visually impaired. He has expressed his wish to have his own version of the yearbook since freshman year.


He figured it doesn’t hurt to check, so jokingly asked the yearbook staff if they can make a special yearbook for him.

Typical yearbooks already require a lot of work, so a Braille version will even be more difficult and time consuming to make.


When RJ asked instructor Leslie Thompson about the possibility, at that time she did not really have an answer for him.

However, that question stuck with Leslie for years. And so with the help of other students, they are able to pull off RJ’s special request.


Leslie and the yearbook committee began planning since April 2018. They worked more than 1,500 hours and finished it earlier than expected, so they can make a version with braille pages in it.


The school held a special assembly just before RJ graduated, during which senior yearbook editor-in-chief Laurel Ainsworth revealed RJ’s surprise.


RJ really did not expect Leslie would remember his wish, let alone that it was even possible. The teen is overwhelmed with joy and gratefulness to the school community.

Watch the video here:

“It really means a lot to me. The community here is really so loving.” said RJ.


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