Simple Date Of Old Couple Goes Viral

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In the era of social media, we are so used to seeing fancy celebrations of couples.

There are those who post photos of their date in an expensive restaurant, paired with Instagrammable food shot.

While others go viral because of their big proposal videos, with lots of effects and what nots.

However, there is this one “date” who recently went viral for being so simple.

A lot of netizens are gushing over a photo of an old couple, who seem to be on a date while sharing a cup of fishballs.


On the Facebook page “Viral Photos”, netizen Elena Taeza shared the sweet photo between and old couple. The old lady feeding fish ball to her husband while smiling.

Who would not get kilig over this photo? Despite their old age, the couple’s sweetness remains and you can really tell they are so happy together.

In the photo, the old lady is sitting on their “kariton“, while her husband pushes the kart as she feeds him fish ball. They almost look like those teenagers in love.

According to Viral Photos, the photo shows that love does not have to be expensive.

They wrote, “Yung pag-ibig na ‘di mapapantayan ng pera.” as the caption. (A love that cannot be matched by money)

As of this writing, the post already has 18K likes and 6.3K shares.


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