Social Distancing At Its Finest: Canadian Sailing Around The Globe May Be The Only Person Safe From The Pandemic

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Last year, October 27, 2019, Bert terHart sailed off his 40′ ocean faring sailboat from Victoria, BC, Canada.

His goal is to circumnavigate the globe non-stop, without the aid of any electronic navigational devices.


He aims to become the first North American ever to complete this method of journey using only traditional, non-electronic navigational tools.

Coincidentally, Bert started his epic journey long before the C0VID-19 outbreak. That makes him the safest person in the world right now.

The journey was to have been going on for six months. But delays due to severe weather, taking several kilometers off route extended the journey to eight months.

He has been documenting climate change knowledge during his journey, which he will pass on to oceanographic science research firms — all while conducting the most extensive “social distancing” of anyone on this planet.

In addition to this, his only “companion” on this voyage is Mr. Salty, a stuffed seal.

Furthermore, Bert’s goal is really not to be the first ever to complete a journey of this kind. He really just wants to inspire young people to go after their dreams.

“Self isolation is an opportunity to learn more about oneself. It is rare that we have the time to really examine what it is that we we want to become, and hope to leave behind as a legacy.” said Bert when asked what was his advice to everyone affected by the pandemic.


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