Social Experiment Teaches Us To Be More Compassionate Toward The Homeless

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Nowadays, it’s much easier to judge others than to understand their situation or whatever it is that they are going through. For it is easier to be unconcerned than to be compassionate. Especially, when faced with matters that are far from our own experiences. For instance, people who have never experienced starving and sleeping on the streets can easily say that homeless should work harder to get a job whilst not knowing the difficulties that homeless are going through. This social experiment teaches us to be more compassionate towards others, more specifically, toward the homeless.

Youtubers Moe & ET from OckTV are back doing their social experiments.

This time with the help of their younger brother Omar. Posing as a homeless kid, they sit him next to a homeless veteran guy and secretly film how people react.

A few minutes into the video, Omar walks into the scene. Moe and Ethan claims that the homeless man didn’t know that Omar only pretends to be homeless.

Soon, it becomes evident that the passersby are far more generous to Omar than the actual homeless man. The homeless veteran notices constant disregard of everyone who passed by.

Social Experiment Teaches Us To Be More Compassionate

In one instance, a policewoman actually belittles the homeless man. She tries to take the hat off his head out of anger.

At some parts of the video, he looks like tearing up, as if wiping his tears.

Social Experiment Teaches Us To Be More Compassionate

This homeless veteran is constantly ignored by passersby

Social Experiment Teaches Us To Be More Compassionate

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The teen sat just mere feet away from the homeless Veteran, both bearing cardboard signs asking for money in order to buy some food.


Time and again people pass by offering money to the teen all the while ignoring the Veteran.

A man even dumps his lunch over the Veteran’s head in disgust.

Social Experiment Teaches Us To Be More Compassionate

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Immediately after the incident, he stands up and asks the teen to watch his stuff as he would be right back.

Despite the cruel way he is treated and after the clear showing of frustration over the boy receiving money time and again whilst he is receiving nothing, the Veteran still took it upon himself to help a fellow human in need. Putting himself last and this young boy first.

Moments later, the unthinkable happened. The Veteran brings back a hot slice of pizza and a bottled water for the teen.

His kind gesture is evident. Moe and Ethan introduce themselves and explain to the Veteran the social experiment they are filming.

The money Omar had made during his time sitting on the street in the social experiment is given to the Veteran. In addition to that money, Moe gave the man $200 more.

Watch the social experiment here:

Video credits: MoeAndEthan

This emotional social experiment truly teaches us to be more compassionate towards others especially when we don’t know the hardships that they are going through.

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