Student Gives His Teacher Bananas To Thank Him For His Kindness

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A sweet gesture from a student recently went viral, when the teacher posted on his social media account what happened in his class.

Ryan James Dueñas, a teacher assigned to an elementary school in a rural area, shared how one student once gave him bananas out of the blue.

According to Sir Ryan, he was discussing a topic in English, when one of his students came in very late for class.


The class then told him about the student’s tardiness. He asked the boy, named Manuel, to get in.

After that, the teacher proceeded with his discussion, until he noticed that Manuel was preoccupied with something.


He called out the boy so he would listen to his class. But then he was shocked when he pulled out a hand of bananas out of his bag.

The kid happily gave the bananas to his teacher to thank him for his kindness. As a result, this touches the heart of many netizens who saw the post.


A lot of netizens commented that kids in the barrios, particularly in the rural area, are naturally sweet and generous. Others even pointed out that despite not having money to buy slippers, the boy still has a big heart to give his teacher a gift.

In addition to this, Manuel’s sweet gesture really touches Sir Ryan’s heart. In return, he gave him a brand new pair of shoes.


He then ended his post saying, “a simple act of kindness really matters.”

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